All eligible responses to the Challenge will be evaluated according to the following metrics:

  • Description of benefits from access to LEO: 20 points
  • Commercialization plan for creating a long-term sustainable offering: 20 points
  • Engaging description of proposed technology: 15 points
  • Considerations for launch-readiness: 10 points
  • Innovation: 10 points
  • Proposal clarity: 10 points
  • Technical maturity: 10 points
  • Consideration for long-term engagement with Orbital Reef: 5 points

The top eligible respondents will be invited to a virtual pitch event to be held November 17, 2022. Pitch presentations will be evaluated according to the following metrics:

  • Clear communication of how Orbital Reef will impact success of the technology: 15 points
  • Clear vision of how to execute their development plan: 15 points
  • Uniqueness of proposed technology: 10 points
  • Overall delivery of presentation: 10 points

For the pitch event, finalists will be asked to present for a total of 5 minutes followed by a 5-minute Q&A session from the judges.