The team at Reef Starter, in conjunction with TechConnect, would like to extend their enthusiastic congratulations to winners of the Reef Starter Innovation Challenge!

  • Prometheus Life Technologies (First Place): Large-scale production of high-quality human tissue in microgravity for better drug development and testing as well as regenerative medicine.
  • Lunasonde (1st Runners-Up): The Lunasonde Ionospheric Signal Attenuation Receiver Demonstration (LISARD) payload will generate a comprehensive model of Earth’s ionosphere, fundamentally improving atmospheric and space weather predictions, while accelerating Lunasonde’s subsurface imaging technology development.
  • Ecoatoms (2nd Runners-Up): Automated batch-manufacturing biosensors for cost-effective diagnostic tools to detect molecular analytes in human samples, enabling new life sciences developments terrestrially and in space.
  • FLUIX Inc. (Innovation Award): Nano-suspension cooling technology increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs for data centers on Earth and in space.

Additionally, Reef Starter and TechConnect would also like to recognize the talent and interest of the other Finalists as well.

All of the organizations listed here presented intriguing technologies that take advantage of the low Earth orbit environment in new and different ways.

Reef Starter and TechConnect thank all of the founders and startups that took part in the Reef Starter Innovation Challenge. Your time, interest and enthusiasm all contributed to an incredibly successful Challenge!